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Atlas Copco Aftercooler
Product name: Atlas Copco air compressor After cooler

Applicable for Atlas Copco:

ZH6, ZH7000, ZH10000, ZH15000, HL6, HL8, HL9

ZR2, ZR3, ZR4, ZR5, ZR6.

ZR55, ZR75, ZR90, ZR110, ZR132, ZR145

ZR160, ZR200, ZR250, ZR275, ZR300,ZR315

ZR355, ZR400, ZR425, ZR450, ZR500, ZR630

ZR700, ZR750 ZR900

GA315, GA355, GA450, GA500

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Centrifugal air compressor , Intercooler , Aftercooler
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The Role of Atlas Copco Cooler:

Atlas Copco coolers, known as heat exchangers, are essential components in air compressors. They are categorized into water-cooled and air-cooled types based on the heat-exchange media used. To overcome limitations associated with external cooling water sources, machines are typically equipped with integrated coolers that incorporate water storage and cooling functions, commonly referred to as water tanks.

The primary function of the Atlas Copco cooler is to dissipate the heat generated during the operation of the air compressor through a heat exchange process between the media. This process effectively reduces the operating temperature of the air compressor, ensuring optimal performance and prolonged operation of its main components. Additionally, the cooler plays a crucial role in improving the quality of compressed air by condensing and discharging moisture from the saturated air, thus facilitating trouble-free operation.

Working Principle of Atlas Copco Cooler:

The flow of Atlas Copco air compressor oil is driven by the pressure differential within the system, moving from the separator tank to the main compressor. Initially, when the oil temperature is below 77℃, the temperature control valve remains closed, allowing the oil to pass directly through the oil filter without traversing the Atlas Copco cooler. Subsequently, as heat generated by the compression process is absorbed, the oil temperature gradually increases. Once the oil temperature surpasses 77°C (88 °C for the 24KT model), the temperature control valve opens, directing a portion of the oil to flow through the Sullair cooler before reaching the main engine via the oil filter.

Maintenance of Atlas Copco Cooler:

Regular maintenance of the Atlas Copco cooler is essential to ensure its optimal performance. Accumulation of oil, grease, dust, and dirt on the cooler's surface can impair its heat exchange efficiency, resulting in excessive exhaust temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the outer surface of the cooler every two weeks using a vacuum cleaner, cleaning fluid, or low-pressure compressed air. Additionally, in environments with low ambient temperatures or high humidity, it is crucial to frequently discharge the condensed water from the aftercooler. In particular, when the temperature drops below 0°C, daily draining of the aftercooler's condensed water is necessary.

Brand Name: INCOOLERS Design Standard: CE, PED
Place of Origin: China Condition: New
Warranty: 1 years Production standard: GB150.ASME.European standard.

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